Matthias aka Matomic started out in his early teenageryears experimenting with knobs and faders. As hisproducing skills increased, electronic music in a very widerange became more and more his main interest. He wantedto put his own ideas into his music, and contribute tonowadays electronic music scene. T his would be his way torevolt against the numerous mainstream records beingreleased every day. Several years later, his electronic vibesare being respected by a very wide range of people, goingfrom the wildest partyanimals, to top notch producers,labelmanagers, well-known clubs and infamous dj's. Bylearning how to use the knobs, tweak the smallest detailsand especially, by having a healthy portion of self-criticism,the "Matomic" brand is becoming more and more hispersonalized style, referring to and standing for warm,inspiring grooves with a hell-of-a drive and a very

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