Fanny Games

Fanny Games is an Italian duo made by Lapo Frost (dj/producer and bass player of electro-pop band Frost and FDS) and James Brivido (dj/synths). The project was developed with the objective of proposing a new format of inspired live set from contamination and hard glitch, a mix of spontaneity and refinement with sounds that range across the horizon and the potential of new electronic music.They have released "Think" Ep (Dopefish), included in “Who’s the Guest vol.1” compilation, as well as various remix/featurings : Age Of Consent (Joe Reeves Darren Cullen of Shitdisco), Metric, Megasushi, Jeko, Le strisce (EMI), TVRVS, Nylo (Universal), U.W.T.(EMI).They are now playing live and dj set all around London: 93 Feet East, Camden Proud, Carnival, Cargo, Catch22, East village, Exit, Koko, Lyttelton Arms, Nomad, Xoyo, The Grand

Latest Releases