Greg Pidcock

‘When I was 6 years old I got electrocuted by a neon sign inThailand. Something about that changed me...’Emerging from a childhood spent traversing the globe, GregPidcock joined the international scene after releasing hisfirst single with Hot Creations in 2013. Since then he’splayed at some of the leading parties in the world, includingsets at DC10 in Ibiza and Detroit for the infamous Circoloco.From WMC to the BPM Festival, Greg's colourful and playfulstyle has been making its mark on dance floors wherever hegoes, building a loyal fan base along the way.Greg began his music career as a teenager throwing houseparties and painting graffiti on the streets of Peru. His familythen moved to India, where he played a role in the birth ofthe Deep House scene. Later in Montreal, Greg worked atthe

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