Black Soda

Black Soda is a Namibian born, multi-performing artist based in both Namibia and Cape Town, South Africa. Her voice has attracted the attention of producers, remixers, DJs and label A&Rs worldwide, and featured on tracks by Steve Bug, youANDme, Alex Dimou, Deep Aztec, Oliver Huntemann etc. Her timeless releases on MoBlack, Connaisseur, Rebellion, Watergate and Madorasindahouse proves she is one of those unique voices in modern music, a voice that connects her soulful African heritage with the cutting edge electronic music of today, and beyond. Much of her time is spent writing songs and recording in the studio, both solo material and working with several different producers and bands. Alongside her musical career she’s also much involved in community projects, photography and professional acting, a hectic schedule which sometimes leave

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