DJ Moriarti

Dj Moriarti - multi-instrumental musician, sound producer, DJ, singer. He started to make music in early years playing violin, then he continued to learn saxophone, played jazz. In early 2000-ths Moriarti begins to make electronic music being known as Professor Morriarti. His first big release is "Pr. Morriarti - Just a Mystic Smile" with Robert Babicz's remix. Next big release is "Amr Zaki feat. Pr. Morriarti - Egyptian Dancer" with King Richard's and Ted Nilsson's remixes. Now he is an artist of labels like: DMN Records, Highway, Lazy Days, May Gold, S2G, Baccara, Gun, Avangarde, Club Sound, GaGa and many others being more known as Dj Moriarti.

Latest Releases