Joanna Rays

Singer and author coming from the South of France, Joanna Rays is a complete artist (dancing, singing, producing). Open to very different musical influences, she originally came from the pop-rock milieu, performing with musicians before prestigious, well-known French artists.Year 2008 was a turning-point, as she was asked to write and sing 2 songs, “NOT THE ONE” and “MAKES ME SHIVER” that immediately revealed her to the electro-house fieldand also to the media, as she was played on most national and local radios (mostly on FG DJ RADIO) and also reached the TOP 40 Yacast clubs in France.Boosted by this success, she accepted to collaborate with new producers , leading to “RISE UP” with Michael Kaiser, and “NO MATTER” with Clubshot, titles which were widely broadcast. “No matter” even got support

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