Born the son of a violinist 1971 as an italian in Switzerland, Massivan (aka Ivan Pezzini) enjoyed a classical music education, starting to play the violin by the age of six. Not much later, Ivan picked up on the drums... and nally became a student at the American Institute of Music of Vienna in 1993.
After having produced progressive house for 4 years, Massivan felt it was time for change... and so he started to join forces with Jens Andersson. Their "Calmstreet" project came up with a ne blend of pop and lounge, resulting in an acclaimed longplayer called "Third Wave", released on "Mole Listening Pearls" in September of 2002. In may 2005, Massivan released his rst solo album "Daylife", in 2006 the second solo album "Massenwahn" and April 2007 saw

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