Mauro Novani

Mauro Novani, born in 1969, born in the province of Gorizia begins to play DJ as a kid for fun, in 1984 he begins his first professional adventure on a local radio.
Thanks to this first approach, within a year, he finds himself playing DJs in discos.
In 1990 he also began to move into the world of production in various studios. In 1994 thanks to the official remix of the 883 (how come) he leaps to the top of the charts and begins an adventure with the international producer Claudio Collino with whom he forms a team. 
Thanks to this, the doors of collaborations with international artists like Carolina Damas (Sueno Latino), Atahualpa, Neil Barni and many others open. At that time he was even called by Lucio Dalla for some artistic

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