'Desolat' are burnstein & mink rover, a producer and DJ team from Hamburg. The two have known each other since their schooldays and have previously played together in a band and made rock music. While Burnstein stayed at Rock for the time being, Mink went to hip-hop. The electronic music eventually brought the two together again. The project desolat was created in 2005 by a remix session for Mink's hip-hop crew. In the years that followed, more and more tracks were produced, so that in 2008 the first album 'MEKONIUM' was completed and a small edition of it was pressed in the Digi-Pack as a promo CD. The album contains 11 tracks, ia. also the most famous tune 'Frauengold' with the vocal samples of Zap Mama. However, 'MEKONIUM' has never

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