Claudio Lari

Put Claudio Lari in the studio for a day and he will take out some of the biggest remix for the biggest DJs like David Puentez, Samuele Sartini, John Modena, Sem Thomasson, just to name a few. Its products for Kid Massive's Get Down Recordings or Do It Yourself (Seek Bromance), constantly land him into the Top10 Beatport Download. With The collaboration and support of Superstar DJs like Sebastien Drums, Matisse&Sadko, Damien J. Carter, Jesse Voorn, Daddy's Groove, Remi Joel Xpression, Samuele Sartini, DONS and many more Claudio Lari is fast becoming one of Italy most wished DJ and his future can only look promising, considering the huge requests received recently. Claudio Lari's passion for music began at the young age of 8 years old, after receiving his first synthesizer and his

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