Bolz Bolz

Andreas Bolz is the co-founder (with Gregor Luttermann) of the infamous Electro label Electrocord mid 1990s. Through the establishment of Electrocord, Andreas Bolz came into contact with Detroit’s secretive and exclusive Electro scene when he first made his debut under his project name "Bolz Bolz”. Mid-nineties they also formed the project Third Electric that released several EPs.In 1998 Bolz Bolz founded another project called Funktaxi to explore other styles of music, which turned more into kraut, pop and jazz-influenced electronic Listening. Electrocord released Funktaxi’s first CD album called Mild.At the end of the 1990s Bolz Bolz also founded his own label World Electric and started off with an EP of remixes of Music, the main track from his earlier EP on the Detroit based Label Ersatz Audio.His renowned track Take

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