Digitalism are a German electronic music duo, consisting of Jens Moelle and İsmail Tüfekçi. After forming in 2004 they quickly gained popularity with their debut album "Idealism" and hit single "Pogo." Their music is characterised by a unique blend of techno, indie rock, and dance-pop, which has earned them a loyal fan base around the world. Over the years, Digitalism have released several successful albums, including "I Love You, Dude" and "Mirage." They have collaborated with artists like Daft Punk, Superorganism and Depeche Mode, solidifying their position as pioneers in the electronic music scene. Their most recent album “JPEG” and the latest eps/singles on Running Back, Diynamic and Magnetism, showcase their versatility, spanning from dark techno to upbeat dance-pop. In 2023, Digitalism's ability to consistently explore and experiment with new sounds while staying true

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