Max Joni

Born in 1983 in East-Berlin. He grew up as a music loving teenager during the exciting times of the 19’90s and the fall of the Berlin Wall. His music path began with Hip Hop. Max released tracks as rapper, beat producer and singer. At the end of the 2000s the nights are getting longer and “legs go heavy“ - Techno is in town. The first steps in electronic music were still ghost productions. From that time on famous studio partners like “M.A.N.D.Y.“, Philip Bader and “Lexy & K-Paul“ worked with him and remixes for artists like “Lana del Rey" or “Moby" were produced by Max Joni. Constantly in a state of flux, releases on labels such as "DANTZE", "Light my Fire", "GET PHYSICAL", "RITTER BUTZKE" and "WATERGATE" together with "INNERVISIONS"

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