Miki Craven

Catalan Dj and Producer owner of Dead Rose Records, co- founder of The Wild Division Records and recording artist of Kobayashi Records, Outpost Records,Soma records DancefloorKillers Records, Different is Different, Serial 849 and more.Also the spanish representative of Tresor Berlin in Spain.Catalan dj and producer owner of Dead Rose, White Rose and Dark Rose records, member of The Wild Division records and recording artist of Kobayashi Records, Dancefloorkillers Records, Outpost Records, Different is Diffferent Records and Spanish dj representative of Tresor Berlin.Miki was born at the end of the 70’s decade. With German and English routs, his family is descendent of classic music composers (Lamote de Grignon). Miki starts his career as dj middle 90's organizing the first rave parties in Barcelona, being a member of the Tasmaniac crew.At the

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