Christian Haase was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Eastern Germany) in 1986, which is called Chemnitz today. Already in 1999 he started to produce Dance- and Trance-Tracks through his pseudonym Hardline Soundsystem and released those tunes on the internet to obtain the opinion of other musicians and to improve his sound. After a one-year domicile in Chicago (USA) he implemented the acquired knowledge about House and Techno with the first steps as a DJ in several clubs and bars. With a new style and a new artist name CERT-8 broadcasts his own webradio-show since 2006, released his first demo-CD "Noise Factor" in the same year and is acting as an organizer of several events in Chemnitz. One year later and after moving to Hannover (Germany) he also built up a live-act project. The

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