Samy K

Samy K started his carreer as a DJ in the city of Troyes in 1995. Quickly he moves to Paris and started to play in the most prestigious clubs and places : Queen (Body Bumper), Bains Douches, Elysée MontMartre, Enfer (old Redlight), Folie's Pigalle (Save The vinyl, Esqualita), Gibus (White Night), Studio 287, Mixer Bar, Waxx, Wagg, OPA Bastilles, Nouveau Casino, Globo (Velvet), Univers Gym, Concorde Atlantique, World Place (So Cute)...During 4 years he was the resident DJ of the Banana Café (Paris) alongside Jean-Phi Sanchez. Together they played for events such as Gay Pride, Gay Day in Euro Disney , touring across France or working on Banana Café compilations.T oday, Samy K is an int ernat ional DJ producer and remixer, often playing with Diva Avari for their "Live

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