KASIA (ofc)

Wrapped in the loving embrace of rave culture, KASIA’s sound weaves sublime energy arcs that dissolve time and space and lay bare a primeval realm of consciousness. Melding ephemeral melancholia with high-energy melodic techno, KASIA plums the depths of the human experience, stripping away all distractions and forging transcendent soundscapes that unleash torrents of unadulterated emotionality. A trained drummer from an early age, KASIA’s percussive brand of melodic techno pairs powerful grooves with incandescent synths, otherworldly atmospheres, and a sense of enigmatic mysticism that enthralls listeners across the world. Driving, euphoric, and deeply introspective, her tracks and sets transport a life-affirming spirituality that explores and connects with the deepest levels of our inner selves.

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