Julia Church

Based in London by way of Durban, South Africa, Julia Church grew up enamoured by the sounds of trailblazers Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Nora Jones. Julia Church is a singer, songwriter and producer. She has 3 EP’s under her belt (‘Take What You Want, Do As You Please’ , ‘To Have, Not Just To Hold’ and ‘Cups and Balloons’). She continues to win the hearts of music lovers globally with her unique and distinctive vocal. In tandem with her solo project, she has featured on a number of high profile records, racking up over 100M streams worldwide. “I love the freedom that comes with toplining - drawing out melodies from instrumentals and being able to write about whatever feels right.” Collaborations include Denver-based Lane 8 on ‘Oh, Miles’,

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