Fran Von Vie

Fran’s always looking for new sounds and structures. He doesn’t believe in genres and makes music from the heart, believing it’s supposed to be felt, not understood.In Summer 2010 he started to take a serious interest in producing professional electronic tracks for the dancefloor. In 2011 he released a remix of Plastikman "Ask yourself" at the prestigious m_nus label and also was a winner of Burn contest and his remix of Sasha-Cut me down was released on Sasha's new imprint "Last Night on Earth". His "Forbidden Places" released on DAR label climb the charts to the Top1 on vinyl sales.Labels :minus Las Night on Earth 99percentrecordings Part ic le s D.A.R Flow Vinyl Manual Music Hyline Music Somebodys Story McGroove Records Aegyptia

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