Chris Venola

Chris Venola embarked on his musical journey during the mid-90s. In 2005 he started his project "SILENTALK", with his first remix of Under the line by Curl, a French electronic band; during the same year, he produced three more tracks, one of which is Closer, cover of Nine Inch Nails. In 2013, he began his solist path and different collaborations with international artists, giving birth to his first album named "SIXTEEN MILES", distributed digitally and analogically all over the world on Alex Flatner's Circle Music In 2014 her second album "LINA LOVE" with the Revox label. In 2019 his third album "AD LUMEN", with Outball records. He currently collaborates with Landescape and Smile Creations where his new album "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE" is released. CHRIS LOVES MUSIC IN ITS ENTIRETY, EXPRESSING HIMSELF IN ORDER TO GET

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