Transwave is a legendary Goa Trance band formed in 1994 by Christof Drouillet (known as Absolum) and Frédéric Holyszewski (known as Deedrah). Their colourful, hypnotic, trippy and yet melodic sound gained massive global success in the 90. Christof and Frederic met at a French Rave party and subsequently formed the psychedelic trance act Transwave in September 1994. Three months later, the first Transwave release (Datura EP) was launched on the small French label, Transpact. Over the following two years, Transwave released three albums (Hypnorhythm, 1995, Helium, 1996, Phototropic, 1996) and toured around the world, experiencing great success in the psychedelic trance underground and scoring an international trance hit with their track, "Land of Freedom." The group split after the D-mention party in Paris in May 1997. Christof and Frederic also released

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