Alter Nature

"Alter Nature" is AndrÈ Jonsson, at the moment one of the fastest rising progressive artists from Sweden. He has always been interested in making musicand has produced almost every single genre of electronic music since the age of 12, but it was not until 2003 he started making psytrance, that time under thename "Bohemica", a fullon project, making him a well known name inthe Swedish psyscene. In 2007 AndrÈ started making progressive psytrance,but he was still focusing on his fullon project, it was not until 2011that he really started to work serious on his Alter Nature project. It didn¥t take long until he got booked to the biggest psytrance parties and festivalsin Sweden such as Technostate, Genesis Festival, Connected Network, UBV, and a lot more. And it was after that,

Latest Releases