Behind "Krama" project is Dimitris Violitzis from Thessaloniki - Greece.He started producing electronic music in 2001 after a lot of experiments in various styles, including experimental, i.d.m., classical etc.Dimitris is a certified music technologist,sound designer,and programmer and also running his progressive house project " Randay" .His main vision is to create a style of music, accessible to every ear, regardless one's music background.The word Krama is Greek and means the mix of metals which can be translated as different styles that can be mixed to give one unique result that you can hear in the most known labels of Trance scene, such as: Zillion Mental Anarchy, Yellow Sunshine Explotion, Spin Twist Records, Vertikal Records, Savva Records and Midijum Records. Debut album "Terra Nova" released in the summer of 2008 from

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