Marc Deal

Try him, it works... :) HERE ARE SOME FACTS ABOUT THE DJ, PRODUCER AND SINGER MARC DEAL - WHO IS BASED IN HAMBURG, GERMANY: UNTIL NOW HE HASN'T WORKED HARD ON HIS PRESENCE ON THE INTERNET. He DIDN'T FEEL LIKE HAVING TO PRESENT HIMSELF ONLINE, RATHER STAYING IN THE BACKGROUND: BUT THINGS AHVE CHANGED Marc is a well known and frequently booked artist on the Hamburgs Club Scene, As a DJ Team, together with Sascha Reimann aka Ferris MC (celebraty Rapper/Actor), they were known as Maniax, touring throughout Germany for many years, becoming widely recognized and popular, reaching quite an acceptable amount of recognition in the German Dance Scene. After 9 years of hard work, their musical interest differed, they parted and both went their separate ways. Marc needed to find back to his Techno Roots. Mr.

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