Peter aka Retronic started out producing back in 2004. In 2014 The first Retronic album hits the digital stores, and goes to the top 3 on Beatport psytrance releases. Since then, many releases has seen the light of day. In 2021 Retronic releases his EP "Revival" on the psytrance pioneer label IONO, taking a big step into the psytrance scene. Retronic is known by his unique progressive sound, with no comparison. With a love for melodic, powerful and uplifting melodies, combined with rolling baselines, Retronic pulls you into his universe of attracting, mesmerizing soundscapes,full of catchy and uplifting melodies, guaranteed to raise your inner vibration, making you dance and smile. Retronic has released on many major labels like IBOGA, IONO, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Plusquam Labelgroup ect. Retronic means being retro, original and

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