Pointfield is a psytrance project by Bojan Mizdrak. Bojan was born 1982 year in town Belgrade,Serbia. By the time he turned 19 he was already performing in various locations around Serbia at festvals and parties as DJ Boki - Psychologic. In 2010 he started to produce progressive psytrance and psychill music.Pointfield has released his tracks for record labels such as Progg'N'Roll Records,Spiral Trax,Infinity-Tunes,Maharetta Records,Eclipse Records,Magma Records, Reson8 and many more to come ... He also work on 2 more projects Dream State Project that is focused on slower music from deep trough tech and progressive trance and Humanik with his friend Psychomotorica that is focused on faster music from psychedelic trance trough goa trance. Pointfield preparing new psychill album with his friend Tranonica that will be released latter during this year.

Latest Releases