Doctor Spook
Doctor Spook ~ Nathan Vogel ~ Mindstorm
“...awesome in the true sense of the word.” - Billboard Magazine (USA)
" ...He's melting down the audio visual frontiers...” -FullOnLine (Brazil)
" ...(Doctor Spook) is the world‘s leading visionary mastermind
in psychedelic visual and aural artistry...” -Mushroom Magazine (Germany)
" ...the music and images synchronize and really tell a story...
the audience is totally taken away from the real world...” -Sonic Traveler Magazine (Japan)
" ...a wild dimension warping experience where
the virtual meets the physical...” -Revolve Magazine (UK)
For over 10 years, Nathan Vogel (aka Doctor Spook) has been spearheading the underground North American psytrance movement by touring relentlessly as an international DJ, averaging 50+ shows a year, and by founding the largest USA based psytrance A/V record label and distribution network, GeoMagnetic and Goa Records. Mindstorm is his

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