Darc Marc

After more than two decades of rocking dance floors and a case load of releases and remixes on a plethora of labels, Darc Marc has carved an indelible name for himself as a DJ and producer of some of the nest techno and acid techno to come out of the UK. Releasing on on labels Purenoise, Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Maximum Minimum, Working Vinyl, Carnage, Technik, Gazole, Cerber, Highway 46, Lifeform Recordings, Subvert, Rough Diamond, R.A.W. BR 909, Wemoodswing, Beetroot Records and MOOD Records among others.
His skill with techno has taken him all over the world to perform. From the UK to France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Canada, Venezuela, Australia and even Brazil, once playing a gig there to mark the country’s triumphant appearance in the football World Cup Final in

Latest Releases