Isaac Levy aka Sandman needs no introduction. As a pioneer in the Psychedelic trance movement, Sandman established himself as one of the most serious artists of his era with timeless releases from the 90s, including the albums 'Witchcraft' (Matsuri Productions), 'Psycho Toons', 'Natural Born Killer' (T.I.P Records), as well as numerous releases along with other projects such as Humanoids, Witchcraft, Resistance Activity, Green House Effect, 12Tribes, and Orphaned Land on top labels of psychedelic trance music all over the globe. Isaac expanded his creative music and sound design into more commercial media, such as the big screen and television.With a Cannes Festival award for tv commercials and sound design for broadcast channels, his hunger for 3D music has returned. Refocusing his energy on the creation of a new album, Sandman has teamed with Future

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