Nir Shoshani

His layered, hypnotic sound, delivered on a platform of deep stirringgroove is guaranteed to satisfy the dancing crowd, and keep listenersint rigued.Wit h over 14 years of experience producing and performing Live worldwide, Nir Shoshani has the ability and perspective to see far and wideinto dance music, picking the best elements of dierent genres andfusing them together to express his vision.Nir has been collaborating remixing and remixed by John Tejada,Perc,Muzarco, Pherox, , Peter Horreworts, Roland. M.Dill Yariv Bernsteinand Funk D’void to name a few.Shoshani sets are being played regularly at Sceen.Fm, Dif ferentGrooves,, and on Manchester radio.As the A & R of the label Nir Shoshani sets the tone and heads the musical line of Punch Music.

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