It may have been fate that Erphun's very first gig was on Halloween since hismusic is pounding, moody and transformative, as if from another realm entirely.His ability to build a mood in his DJ sets is mesmerizing and transports the listener to that alternate higher level that his moniker infers.Erphun has already reached his global fan base and spun in several continents such as Europe, North America, South America and Australia.More specifically he’s spun at legendary clubs such as Guvernment in Toronto, Butan, Germany, Circus in Montreal, Kunstpark Koln in Germany, Exit in Lithuania, Chinese Laundry in Sydney, Brown Alley in Melbourne, WesterUnie in Amsterdam, Reaktor in Zurich, Saxon in Ukraine, 1015 in San Francisco and H2O in Mexico City.In just five short years of production, Erphun has achieved what

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