Born from Italian parents in Geneva in 1971. Since 12 year old, he organised his first Hip-hop events in Calvin’s city (from where come his artist’s name). Then he organised in the next years House events in French Switzerland and France until April 1, 1994 when he (and Mrf) created House Machine. After that, he took part at practically all of events with the House Machine logo. In his Curriculum Vitae, he was invited as guest dj in House clubs, villas, castles, luxurius Hotels, yachts and events like Red Zone, Crossover, Ripping, Juice®, Prince, Underground City, Pascià, Azimut, Privilège, Le Loft, Nottambula, Le Palais, CPM club, Le Studio, Gallery of sound, By-Pass club, D! Club, Industry, Bimbo Town, "The Bomb" at Cyborg of Attigliano, "Nobody's Land" at Autodrome of Misano

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