Diego bentivoglio, alias Dicron, was born in 1993 in Alezio, Lecce. Since he was a child he had a passion for music, mostly hip hop and dance hall, obtaining his own success in 2006 when he made one's debut with important artists such as Kalibandulu and Villa Ada Posse. In 2011 he started his producer carreer with the track "Ripped" working with many labels such as Green Alien Records,INDushe Recordings,Society Music Recordings,Projectile Music,Lw Recordings,Subwoofer Records,Baroque Records,Jssst Records,Under Noize,Plusquam,Dlimited,Santa Gema Unlimited and Klank Records. His sound contains lots of experimental shades of tech house genre, and some techno music too. To this day Dicron continues producing his own music always trying to experiment new productions and projects.

Latest Releases