Rodrigo Diaz

Rodrigo Diaz, is one of the best DJs/Producers of Mar del Plata (Argentina) with the best National and International projection Influenced by long journeys to Europe, and innovative and avant-gardists sounds, Rodrigo Diaz started his career in his city, Mar del Plata (Bs As, Argentina) playing his records in some parties and big clubs. Since his beginnings as a professional DJ, he covered the big club circuit of Mar del Plata (Sobremonte, Avalon, Pinar de Rocha, Sauro, Chocolate, Mr Jones, just to name a few) turning into one of the most recognized DJs of the city. Also, dates important international festivals in different countries. Mexico, Uruguay as "ILO Festival in Mexico 5 / 6 May 2012" After years of working and learnig about music, his current sound is characterized by generating dark and hypnotized

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