Tropar Flot

At the end 90th Tropar Flot (Vyacheslav Tropar) created a musical project Xatan, who has worked in the areas of IDM, Darkwave and Experimental, that was the starting point of his career. Played in clubs of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vienna, Berlin and Budapest.An important step in the development of creativity was the beginning of the 2000s, when Tropar Flot moved to Moscow and met with Russian master of minimal scene — Anton Kubikov (SCSI-9). This musician gave a big boost and opened new horizons. Interesting creative experience was the joint work with unique ethno-electronic project "Volga".In 2005, the project collapsed and Vyacheslav has stopped producing activity for many years...In 2015, he took the nickname Tropar Flot and resumed his work, but in the direction of Techno, DarkTechno, HardTechno, MinimalTechno.Vyacheslav:- "According

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