PETDuo is the ultimate Hard Techno sensation that has taken the electronic music scene by storm. Anne Gelfei and David Elie Merlino, the dynamic duo behind the two-piece DJ outfit, are partners in crime and happily married, creating a unique chemistry that has helped pioneer the genre and establish a twenty-five-year legacy of excellence. Their non-conformist attitude and maverick-like ethos have set them apart from the overpopulated realm of electronic music. PETDuo's natural talent, self-made approach, and vanguard style have made them trendsetters, fashioning one of Techno's most popular sounds and paving the way for aspiring artists. PETDuo's secret weapon is their mantra of machine music with heart and soul, allowing listeners to have unforgettable moments of joy, free their minds, and dance away life's problems. PETDuo's innovative approach to music and

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