Eloy Palma

Dj and producer from Granada (Spain). His first active contact with electronic music was around 2005, when he acquires his first Technics turntables influenced either for vinyl format and for Groove and pounding techno back in the days. In 2006 he starts to play at some private parties and local venues where he was residing. Nowadays he's co founder of 2 labels such as Rattle Records and Undelivered Records. Having more than 30 digital releases among original mixes, remixes and collabs at some big labels such as Intuition Recordings PT , Unaffected Rec , Hypnohouse Trax Rec, Infinitech Rec, Invicta Rec or Phunkation.. And, of course, his own labels.It has already been on sale since October of 2016 its first reference in vinyl, in collaboration with JCortes remixing to Andy

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