Darkmode has established himself as a prominent figure in the high-paced Techno music scene over the past decade. His journey began with the release of 'The DATA EP' on Testin Out Records, which caught the attention of influential figures such as Andrew Weatherall, Radioactive Man, Regis, and DJ Bone. As both a producer and DJ, Darkmode quickly rose to prominence, earning recognition from prestigious platforms like DJ MAG's Pick N' Mix and IDJ Magazine's Raw Talent Selection. His DJ sets have graced numerous parties, raves, and festivals across the UK & Ireland, where he has shared the stage with esteemed artists including Radioactive Man, Ben Long, Phil Kieran, Marco Bailey, Ignition Technician, Bas Mooy, DJ 3000, Scan 7, and Dave Clarke. Darkmode's music releases, alongside his own label Biotech Recordings,

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