Errol Dix

ERROL DIX – alias Thomas Paul – was born in Linz on February 26, 1982.Already in his younger years he found his passion for music. He first showed his fine feeling for rhythm & beat when he was a drummer in a band with 18.Over the years Errol Dix developed a preference for electronic music, which fascinated him entirely.2001 Errol Dix has checked his first DJ-equipment. By and by tribal techno turned out as his greatest passion. His big idol, Ben Sims, inspired him to find his own style, which reflects in his multi-faceted and dynamic funky-sound. Own events like “Lost Diamonds” and “Rhythm Maker” were organised by Errol Dix.2005 he became a member and resident-DJ of the DJ-organisation “Hardgroovs”. Errol Dix remained true to his music style when he

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