Eric Sand

Eric Sand a.k.a Kike. Young deejay born 17 September 1985. He always liked electronic music, especially the techno, began DJing at the age of 18 (having it as a hobby). In mid-2007 began to break through the in Almeria techno scene, and by the end of the year he joined a group electronic music dedicated to organizing events. in 2008 decides to create his own musical collective (Xtremetech). Already a recognized DJs and techno promise Almeria, mixing hardtechno-powerful tribal samberos issues using their sessions. It is also known for doing sessions accompanied percussionist Tony Wonderland. He has shared the stage with top artists level as Cristian Varela, Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Kevin Saunderson, Surgeon, Frank Kvitta, Fernanda Martins, Raul Mezcolanza, Sven Wittekind, Robert Natus, Eric Morillo, Pepo, Horacio Cruz, David Moleón, OBI, Fatima Hajji, Nuke, Darkrow, Cesar Almena, Ivan Devero, etc ... It has recently

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