Lula needs no introduction to the world of the underground. She entered the speaker nearly 3 decades ago as she served up the vocals for the groundbreaking and chart-topping underground classic, "Goosebumps" by Nylx [Aka Danny Tenaglia, Dj Vibe, Rui Da Silva] on Twisted America and has never left the woofer since. Serving hit after hit to her adoring masses! Some of Lula’s biggest hits out of her over 100 releases are: Nylx “Goosebumps”, “Read My lips” by Danny Tenaglia, “Extacy Take Your Shirts Off” by Johnny Vicious, "Men = Drugs" by Peter Rauhofer, “The Dj The Music And Me” by Creamer & K which was also later re-recorded and produced by Eddie Cumana as a duet with vocals by Lula vs Wilson Santos who had originally co-wrote the lyrics.

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