Born in São Paulo, Anderson Araujo Lima best known for Anders, obtained your first contact with electronic music in 1996 when began attending clubs and parties of São Paulo as: Toco, Warrior, Sound Factory and Freedays, where known the side of Underground Dance Music listening the DJs Mau Mau, Erick Caramelo, Mimi and Mark.At 17 he was already part of small parties and community radio programs of region where he lived. In 2000, participated of 1o Brazilian Championship called Djs Hypnotic, where he was classified in 9th place between 40 finalists of more 300 entries among them, Murphy, Snoop, Max Underson, Lukas and Saduh.Has since presented himself at principals clubs and events like as: A Loca (where resided for 7 years), Circuito, Techno Pride, Lov.e Club, Clash, D-edge, System, among

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