My real name: Thierry, Yves, Guy, Adelaide a.ka: Flex 77, BeatMaster Flex 78/84, and now under DJ TygA - 1995 until now I scratch on vinyl since the age of 16, I have played in nightclubs, clubs and parties related to Paris, such as Le Palace, Les Bains - Douches, La Reine, La Main Bleue, La Main Jaune, Le Kilt, Le Club des Champs, Mandarin, where I made my weapons on atmospheres like funky rhythms, disco grooves and the soul train. Then, in the summer of 1983... House music was born a few years ago, and that's where magic was born. And yes at 60 years old, I have made so far more than 3000 pieces; incl: Tracks, Masters with Beats only (so-called samples - Corrupt Records Scandinavia), vynils remixes (club versions

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