Jam & Spoon

Jam & Spoon were a 1990 founded German electronic music duo consisting of classically trained musician & producer, Rolf Ellmer (Jam El Mar), and producer & DJ, Markus Löffel (Mark Spoon). Heralded among the pioneers of Trance the duo made an enormous impact in 1992 with their groundbreaking remix of the self-titled single by Age Of Love. After the first Jam and Spoon EP, 'Tales From A Danceographic Ocean' - incl. influential hit Stella - the duo unleashed a barrage of succesful remix material for Moby, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Deep Forest and others. The single 'Right in the Night (Fall in Love with Music)' followed in 1993, the first of several of the duo's recordings to feature the American-born vocalist, Plavka. That same year, Jam and Spoon issued their

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