Artist, singer, songwriter and producer, Plavka's career began in the UK rave scene. As vocalist and songwriter, she has fronted the Shamen, Rising High Collective, and Jam & Spoon. Her first hit was with the Shamen, - the song 'Hyperreal'. She has performed on Top of the Pops , and toured Europe as part of the Synergy tour. As vocalist for Jam & Spoon, she went on to have a string of Number 1 global hits with 'Right in the Night', 'Find Me , 'Angel' - to name a few. 'Right in the Night' alone has had over 15 million streams. Her work has garnered music awards and nominations; MTV VMA nomination, 1X Platinum sales, 1X Gold sales. Today Plavka is busy producing, writing and releasing club tracks.

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