He worked with or is/was part of “Dutchican Soul“, “Human Resource” (with Guido Pernet), “The Cliniq” (with Jeffrey Fung-Loy & Nevil Douglas) DJ Eva, “Ruffneck” (Patrick van Kerkhoven), Plattèl, “New Believers” (with Dwight Brown, Ike Sofunky & Merel Sluman), Merel Sluman, Mark Bien, Landa Perdon, “Nil” (with Lennaert & Hans), Robert Rivera, Nikki van Dam and many others.Influenced by his father’s classical taste and his mother’s feel for soul, Jasper started out following some piano classes. This experience was shortlived because Jaspers unwillingness to read notes, as he preffered the auditive approach when making music, and in the eyes of his teacher further effort would prove to be futile.Determined to prove himself and driven by the passion for music he became a self taught piano man, in the process adding

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