Fleur Shore

Refusing to conform to the norm and never following the formulas that work for others, there are already glimpses from the early stages of Fleur Shore’s career that she is very much an artist leading from the front.
 The depth and breadth of her musical knowledge are years ahead of her junior. Acquiring a record collection from an early age that exuded the magic of the late ‘80s and ‘90s, this period of experimentation is present in both her sets and productions. From Slick Rick to Bill Withers, and Salt-N-Pepa to Ms. Lauryn Hill - Fleur’s sources of inspiration knows no boundaries. 
 Fleur’s productions ooze infectious basslines, captivating vocals, and an investment of passion to resurrect the sounds from yesteryear with her own unique twist. Her “The Evolution” EP on Yaya’s

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