Reis Jr

Henrique Bráulio do Nascimento Dos Reis, was born on March 24th, 1997 in Luanda, Angola. Reis Jr, as he is known in the artistic world, was 10 years old when he began to fall in love with music, much due to the influences of his uncle who was a DJ. He was educated with sounds of great names in the music of his homeland such as Artur Nunes, David Zé, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Kassav among others. He started his career as a DJ and Music Producer in 2014 and has already released several Eps and some singles, highlighting the single “DESAPAIXONADO” released in 2020, and “OVERDOSE”. Reis Jr is young and has a unique vibe that does not go unnoticed within House Music, certainly a name to be aware

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