Disco Ball'z

Balázs Oravecz a.k.a Disco Ball'z was born 17 March 1984 in Budapest, Hungary laying in his mothers arms he naturally became a music Producer and DJ. He is also an owner of 4 electronic music labels , High Price Records , Deep Wibe Industry, Not Fashion Group and Global Junkiez. Disco Ball'z likes to venture into different genres such as Jackin House,Classic House,Tech House, and Techno going back to the "old" House days. Disco Ball'z is still going strong today with over 1000 plus releases on various labels, and with plenty of Top 20 Chart hits on Traxsource and another download site. The love for D.I.S.C.O, is in his blood with producing some of the greatest Funky Disco House tracks around today, featuring on some of the top labels such as

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