Raul Soto

Anyone who considers to be a serious passionate lover of House music has spent many days embracing the infectious sounds of RAUL SOTO. Hailing from Newark New Jersey he has effortlessly carved out a secure slot amongst the modern House Addicts. Raul has also revamped many special projects on such labels as Dopewax (Kenny Dope), InHouse Records, SounDesign(Todd Terry), Nervous Records (Michael Weiss), Soul Channel Music (Mr.V), Flava Music & Soul Flava (MDW Crespo), Naughty Boy Music (Norty Cotto), Epride Digital (Edson Pride), Manyoma (Simone Groove) (Silverfox) Smoking Joe and on and on. Famous for their trademark sound, afro / tech/ progressive house infused with latin elements. A delicious blend of hypnotizing, inviting tribal drums laced with a brilliant use of modern tech elements, RAUL SOTO has figured out the formula

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